Providing user access to a group

You can provide user access to a user group from the User Access tab on the Groups screen.

Note:  Ensure that the user profile exists in the Infor SAT application before you provide access to a user for a group. See Adding a user
  1. Select Manage > Groups.
  2. Click Find to find the group to add the user access.
  3. Select the group.
  4. Select the User Access tab.
  5. Select the user in the Context field to grant access to a group.
  6. Click Add. The Give Users Access to Group screen is displayed.
  7. Click Find to select a user.
  8. Click Pick Selected. The Groups screen lists the user access to the group. You can also click Pick All to select multiple users.
    Note:  You can also grant group access to an individual user from the User Information screen or to a set of users using the Bulk Edit screen. See Granting user access to a group