Using the per diem load tool

You can use the per diem load tool for the Infor Expense Management versions prior to v 8.0. You can also use the HTTP per diem load importer.

The load tool load per diem data from these data sources:

  • International tables
  • Location tax information
  • Meal reduction rates

You can download and import the government per diem tables, provided on the agency websites, using SAT.

The load tool searches for data from the above sources in the location specified by -D in the stand-alone mode or in the location specified by the PerDiem.ImportDir parameter for the background process mode. The load tool is used for the initial loading of the per diem data and the periodic maintenance of the data. The load tool updates the existing rows and inserts new rows. The load tool does not delete any data from the tables.

The load tool supports the two different modes of execution:

  • The PerDiemImportBkg background process.
  • A standalone mode.

When the load tool executes as a background process, you can start the load tool either by using the command interface provided in the application server, or by using the Background Process Monitor screen to start and stop the background processes. See Background processes.

In the standalone mode, the class considered for importing data can be directly invoked by using the application’s startup class mechanism as:

set EXT_HOME=c:\dev\Shasta set JAVA_HOME=c:\jdk1.1.7%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -nojit -ms16m -mx16m -classpath%EXT_HOME%;%EXT_HOME%\3rdparty\;%JAVA_HOME%\Lib\classes.ziplargesoft.sys.Application-startupClass largesoft.pagateway.importer.PerDiemImporter -D"c:\\TestFiles" -d "#" <passwd.txt

The command line value -D specifies the directory where all the text files are located and value -d specifies the delimiter used by the text files.