Credit Card Feed

Credit Card Feed is an optional functionality. When this functionality is installed within the application of the organization, the users can attach transactions from a corporate credit card account to the expense reports instead of specifying expenses manually.

The Credit Card Import Tool imports the credit card data provided by the credit card issuer to the Infor Expense Management database. The information is then available to the user on the Credit Card Transactions screen.

For the new credit card accounts, the tool imports the card member data and the transactions, but the tool does not attach the cards to users in the database. You can attach the credit card accounts to the users using the Infor Expense Management SAT application.

The Infor Expense Management Professional Services can enable the functionality in the Infor ER application and use information from the organization to configure the specific tables, if your organization purchases the Credit Card functionality.

The Credit Card Feed module uses the corporate data type Credit Card SIC Codes. See Adding a credit card SIC code.