Example: Permission based routing

Th e permission based routing business rule sets the document 's reviewer list based on the reviewer permissions for different activities, and the user groups to which the document owner belongs. Reviewer permissions are set up in the alwf_reviewer_permission table using the Infor SAT application or the Standard Import staging tables. The business rule fires when a document enters an activity. The business rule determines which users and user groups have permission to review the document based on the reviewer permissions, the current activity, and the document owner. The rule then sets the document 's reviewer list for the users and user groups, and sets the value of Only One Reviewer Needed flag to True.

For example, a user user1 and a user group US Auditors are given reviewer permissions to the Audit activity and to the US Users group. When a document owned by a user belonging to the US Users group specifies the Audit activity, the Permission Based Routing business rule sets the reviewer list to user1 and US Auditors. User user1 and all users belonging to the US Auditors user group can view the document in the review queues. When any one of these users approve the document, the document moves to the next workflow activity.

This table lists the differences between the Permission Based Routing and the Activity Permission using the table alwf_activity_permission:

Permission Based Routing Activity Permission
Uses table alwf_reviewer_permission. Uses alwf_activity_permissiontable.
MUST be enabled using the Permission Based Routing business rule. Automatically enabled by the workflow engine.
The list of reviewers is set when the document enters the activity. So, the list of reviewers for the document is viewed at any time. The list of reviewers for the document is not created. Whether a reviewer has permission to the documents in an activity is determined when the reviewer logs on to the application. Therefore, the list of reviewers cannot be viewed.
Does not work with the Create activities. Must be used to define access to the Create activities.
The reviewer_group_id column in the alwf_re-viewer_permission table refers to a group of type User. The group_id column in the alwf_activity_permission table refers to a group of type Role.
Group based. Is used to route documents to different reviewers based on the groups to which the owner of the document belongs. Not group based. The groups in which the owner of the document belongs to are not considered in determining who can review the document.
Recommended for review activities like audit and exception handling.

Recommended for defining workflow based back-ground processes' activity permissions

and for the activity documents that are not transitioned out. For example, Done and Trash activities. Permission Based Routing is not recommended for such activities as the reviewer list table increases indefinitely.