Adding a grid column

You can use the Grid Editor to add Additional Data Capture (ADC) displayed in the main line item table.

  1. Select Tools > Grid Column Editor.
  2. Select an application and grid.
  3. Specify this information in the Column Data section:
    BOb Element
    A BOb element.
    Internal Name
    An internal name of the field.
    The width of the field. For example, if you specify 50, the width of the field is limited to a maximum length of 50 characters.
    The alignment of the data in the field.
    Date Format
    The format of the date. This is an optional field.
    Time Format
    The format of the time. This is an optional field.
  4. Specify this information in the Header Data section:
    Display String
    The description to display for the field or a resource key. For example, specify @@CMN_VENDOR_NAME to display the vendor's name when you add a column to the Exceptions tab grid for the Vendor Name. See the "Resource Key Editor overview".
    Image File
    The location of an image to be displayed for the data.
    Tool Tip
    A tooltip for the image displayed when you rest the pointer over the option. The tool tip displays the text for an image helping you manage the usability issues for the vision impaired users.
  5. Click Add Column to save the data.