Viewing the documents in Work Items

You can view the documents in Work Items:

  1. Select Manage > Work Item > Document Management.
  2. Specify this information to sort the list of work item documents:
    A type of document. For example, an expense report or a travel plan.
    An activity in the process. For example, create or review a document.
    Tracking Number
    The tracking number of the work item. The application assigns a tracking number to an item in the review queue. For example, the expense report number ER00001002.
    The owner of the work item document.
    The user ID of the person who created the document.
    Proxy Creator
    The user ID of the proxy who created the document.
    The reviewer ID.
    Reviewer Group
    The group of reviewers. The reviewers can be a specific user or a user group such as Timesheet: Auditors. You can use this field to sort the documents that are in a user group's queue.
  3. Click Find. The list of documents that meet the criteria, are displayed.