Adding an expense type

You can use the Expense Type (alco_expense_type) table to map the expense types to summary categories and general ledger codes.

  1. Select Manage > Corporate Data.
  2. Select Expense Type in the Data Type field.
  3. Specify this information:
    The name of the expense type.
    Expense Category
    The category of the expense type such as Entertainment.
    G/L Code
    A general ledger code of the expense type.
    Note: If you add a mileage expense rate, a mileage rate is automatically created. You must activate the mileage rate and define the mileage rate information. See Adding a mileage rate.
    Travel Category
    The travel plan category of the expense type.
    Special Code
    A special code of the expense type, if required.
    Short Label
    A short description of the expense type.
    Itemized Only
    Indicates whether the expense type is an itemized expense.
    External System Id
    A system ID to be used by the external application.
    The status of the expense type. The status can be Active or Inactive.
    Credit Card only
    If this check box is selected, the expense type is a credit card transaction.
  4. Click the Per Diem tab.
  5. Specify this information:
    Per Diem Name
    The per diem type for the travel item. See Adding a per diem type.
    Per Diem Subtype
    A per diem subtype for the travel item.
    Default Amount
    The default amount for the travel item and the currency type.
  6. Click the Itemized tab.
  7. Click Add Expense Type. The Add Expense Type screen is displayed.
  8. Specify filter information and click Find or to find all expense types, do not specify a value in the field and click Find.
  9. Select an expense type.
  10. Click Pick Selected.
    Note: You can also click Pick All to select multiple expense types.
  11. Click the Membership tab, if required, and add the data groups. See, Adding or removing data groups from a corporate date type.
  12. Specify an external key, if required. See, Creating an external key.
  13. Click Add to save the data.