Understanding the background processes that support the Late TS Submission tab

These background processes support the display of the Last TS Submission tab:

  • InitDlnqntSubmitReport background process:

    This background process runs just once to pre-populate the alts_delinquent_report table. Ensure that the ts.InitDlnqntReportStartDate application parameter is set before you start the background process.

    Set the parameter to a value equivalent to the beginning of the time period that must be refreshed. A single date is equivalent to re-running the initialization routine and re-populating data for the time equal to the application parameter specified date to the current date. If a certain date range is refreshed, then specify the first date and the last date in the range, separated by a comma character. The background process does not clear the entire table, unless the specified refresh range is equal to the entire alts_delinquent_report table’s date range.

    For example, you have three reporting periods, for example, weekly, biweekly, and monthly. Each period has different start date such as Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. You must execute the DlnqntSubmitReportBkg background process at the beginning of the weekly reporting period, that being more frequent. If there are two weekly reporting periods with different starting days, execute the background process on the day closest to the day when the InitDlnqntSubmitReport background process was executed. The background process creates only the necessary entries for each period.

    The entry in the alco_background_process table is:


  • DlnqntSubmitReportBkg background process

    This background process runs periodically to pre-populate future period entries into the alts_delinquent_report table for each timesheet user. The background process wait interval is set to the shortest number of days of reporting period in Infor Expense Management. For example, if the weekly period is the shortest reporting cycle in the alts_delinquent_report table, the duration of the interval is set to 7 days.

    The entry in the alco_background_process table is:


    The InitDlnqntSubmitReport background process must be executed and completed before starting the DlnqntSubmitReportBkg background process, if alts_delinquent_report has never been populated.