Importing resource keys from a translation vendor

You can import resource keys from a translation vendor.

Note: The value of the i18n.showImportExportButtons application parameter must be set to True to enable the Import option.
  1. Select Tools > Resource Key Editor.
  2. Click Import. The Import Resource Keys screen is displayed.
  3. Select one of these options to specify the type of content to import:
    • Import language packs (from Infor): Imports language packs delivered by Infor.
    • Import customization: Imports customized resource keys. For example, the keys previously exported using the Export placeholders for missing keys export option.
  4. Select a directory to read the files back to the alco_localization_string table.
  5. Select one or more locales.
    Note:  You can import any locale, but you cannot use the locale unless the locale is added to the i18n.localeList application parameter.
  6. Click Import. The combination of locale, resource bundle, and key are unique in the alco_localization_string table. If an imported resource key matches an existing value, then the display value is updated. Otherwise, an entry is added to the table.
  7. Click Done. The import process generates a log file for the errors to be logged.