Creating workflow business rules

You can create the workflow routing conditions to determine how certain documents are routed after you create the activities, transitions, and activity permissions for a custom workflow.

In this example, a special routing condition is created that sends documents into Audit review, if the Expense Report document exceeds $5000.

  1. Select Manage > Business Rules > Business Rule.
  2. Create a workflow routing business rule to route expense reports that are greater than or equal to $5000, to the audit department after the Manager Review.
  3. Click Add. The Add Business Rule screen is displayed.
  4. Specify this information:
    Business Rule Name
    The name of the business rule. For example, Audit Routing.
    The template of the business rule. For example, select General Workflow Routing.
  5. Click Continue. The Edit Business Rules screen is displayed.
  6. Select Route on ER Manager Review in the Fire On field.
  7. Click the Parameters tab.
  8. Specify this information:
    BOb Type
    The expense reports.
    The total expense.
    Select >= (Greater than or equal to).
    Specify 5000 and select US Dollar.
    To Activity
    Select Audit Review.
  9. Click Apply To for assigning the rule to a user group.
  10. Click OK to save the data.