Adding custom information

You can add custom fields to a user profile. Generic fields can be used to store amounts, dates, or text strings for use in exported data or as triggers for business rules.

Note:  The number and the names of fields can vary based on the configuration set by the company.
  1. Select Manage > Users > User Information.
  2. Click Find to select a user.
  3. Select the Extensions tab.
  4. Specify this information:
    Review Amount(ER)
    An expense amount used by the Signature Authority Based Routing business rule template.
    Review Currency(ER)
    The currency used for the authorized amount.
    Review Amount(PR)
    A purchase requisition amount used by the Total Expenses by Document business rule template.
    Review Currency(PR)
    The currency used for the payment request authorized amount.
    Start Date
    The date on which an employee joins the company.
    End Date
    The date on which an employee is terminated from the company.
  5. Click Add to save the data.