DlnqntSubmitNotifier background process

The DlnqntSubmitNotifier background process has a few common corporate data limitations similar to the Late TS Submit tab. The delinquent submit notification background process uses the submission grace period definition set by the reporting period’s submission cutoff value and the observation period defined by the payroll cutoff value.

The DlnqntSubmitNotifier background process has these settings:

  • The background process assumes that the ts.DlnqntReportExcludeCurrentPeriod application parameter has a value set to True, when retrieving a list of users from the alts_delinquent_report table delinquent in their timesheet submissions.
  • The background process only reviews a reporting period one level higher than the current reporting period. Therefore, the users are notified of their delinquency, only for the immediate previous reporting period and no other previous reporting periods.

The background process:

  • Checks the alts_delinquent_timesheet table to verify, if a notification is already created on the current execution day for the user's reporting period.
  • Identifies all the delinquent users and the owners based on the data in the alts_delinquent_report table.
  • Sends an email to the delinquent user and the user’s manager.

You must run the background process after the end of each reporting period’s submission grace period as the background process is limited by the cutoff values. The frequency depends on the configuration of your submission grace period and the number of reporting periods.