Adding a credit card level 3 mapping

You can use the Credit Card Level 3 Mapping (alcc_level3_mapping) table to configure the item code-to-expense type mapping. The item maps credit card expenses to a line item's expense types using the SIC code-mapping method.

During the hotel folio import process, folio records are created in the alcc_level3_detail table. Each folio record has a reference (cc_transaction_id ) to the transaction to which the folio belongs. The folio also has an item code. An item code describes the folio expense, similar to an expense type. A critical part of the import process is matching the item code from the feed, with an item code from the internal table (alcc_level3_code). The mapping of the item code to the expense type is based on this match. Each credit card vendor publishes a set of item codes. All these codes are then compiled into the alcc_level3_code table which is then loaded with the ER base dataset. The application creates an itemization for each folio record when you attach a transaction with the folio. The level 3 mapping is used to select an expense type. The credit card attachment process uses the item code from the folio as a lookup key into the alcc_level3_mapping table.

  1. Select Manage > Corporate Data.
  2. Select Credit Card Level 3 Mapping in the Data Type field.
  3. Specify this information:
    Card Type
    The type of card for the mapping.
    Item Code
    An item code for the mapping. The item code describes the type of charge and each type of card has a set of codes.
    Expense Type
    A type of expense for the mapping.
    Issue Warning
    If this check box is selected, a warning is issued for the user when the itemization is marked as incomplete. The user must select a similar expense type or a different expense type.
    The status of the credit card data mapping. The status can be Active or Inactive.
  4. Click the Membership tab, if required, and add the data groups. See, Adding or removing data groups from a corporate date type.
  5. Specify an external key, if required. See, Creating an external key.
  6. Click Add to add credit card level 3 mapping and the modifications are saved.