Manual Routing template

Use this template to enable a user to route a document manually to the person who should receive it for the next activity. You must specify this information to set up manual routing:

  • When the Manual Routing screen displays for a user.
  • To whom the user can route the document.

The Fire On action you select determines when the Manual Routing screen displays for a user. For example, if you select Submit TS as the Fire On action, the Manual Routing screen displays for the user when they click Submit to submit a timesheet.

Use the Manual Routing Group to specify a parameter to determine to whom the user can route the document. For example, if you specify the Alternate Approvers group as the parameter, then the user can only route to a member of the Alternate Approvers group.

These parameters are displayed on the Parameters tab of the Edit Business Rules screen.

Manual Routing Group
Select a manual routing group. This group should include the user IDs for all the reviewers to whom a document can be routed manually. When an Expense Management user gets the Manual Routing screen and is required to route a document manually, the user can only route to one of the user IDs in this selected manual routing group.


This sample business rule was created from the manual routing template and enables a timesheets user to manually route a timesheet to a reviewer. After a timesheets user submits a timesheet, the manual routing screen is displayed. The user can then route the document to any of the user IDs in the Alternate Approver group specified in the parameters.

Manual routing upon submission fields

If you have more than one Expense Management product, you must create a separate manual routing policy for each product. This example shows the possible values for this business rule.

This table shows the values for fields:

Field Value
Name Manual Routing Upon Submission
Severity Explanation
Notification Both
Fire on Itemization Left blank
Fire Scope Left blank
Offline and Online Firing Options Fire Offline and Online
Status Active
Policy Based Routing Left Blank
Fire On Submit TS

Manual routing upon submission strings

This table shows the values for strings:

Strings Value
Description Defines Manual Routing for Timesheets
Interactive Message Left blank
Policy If your regular timesheet approver is unavailable, you are required to route your timesheet to an alternate approver.
Report Message Left blank

Manual Routing Upon Submission Parameters

This table shows the values for parameters:

Parameter Value
Manual Routing Group Alternate Approvers

Manual routing upon submission applications, organization or group

This table shows the values for applications:

Name Organization/Group
Default Company Organization