Preferred Vendor Policy template for travel plans

Use this template to create a business rule that selects preferred vendors for a travel item.

This template has these parameters:

Expense Type
Select the expense type.
Select all the acceptable vendors for the expense type.


This example shows the possible values for this business rule.

Preferred vendor policy fields

This table shows the values for fields:

Field Value
Name Airline Vendor Policy - US
Severity Warning
Notification Both
Fire on Itemization Left blank
Fire Scope Left blank
Offline and Online Firing Options Fire Offline and Online
Status Active
Fire On
  • Update ER Itemization (Auditor)
  • Update ER Itemization Item (Create and Review)
  • Update ER Line Item (Create)
  • Update TP Line Item (Create and Review)

Preferred vendor policy strings

This table shows the values for strings:

Strings Value
Description Examines ExpenseLineItem:expenseType
Interactive Message You are encouraged to use our preferred vendor (<United Airlines>) for all your air travel.
Policy Employees are strongly encouraged to use <United Airlines> as our preferred airline vendors.
Report Message Non-preferred airline vendor.

Preferred vendor policy parameters

This table shows the values for parameters:

Parameter Value
Expense Type Airfare
Vendor Best Airlines

Preferred vendor policy applications

This table shows the values for applications:

Name Organization/Group
Corp: US Govt Group
Corp: US Office Group