Days Old Routing Template

Use this server-side business rule template to determine how old an expense line item is and to route the document to a manager reviewer based on that age.

These parameters are displayed on the Parameters tab of the Edit Business Rules screen.

Fire On
Add or remove the exit hook defined for transitions on different documents.
BOb Type
This is the type of document for which the routing rule applies. This is completed based on the exit hook that you select.
This is the element list of the BOb type that you selected. Only date type elements are available in the list.
Select either before current date or after current date.
Specify the number of days.
To Activity
This is the activity where the document is to be routed if the rule executes successfully. This is completed based on the exit hook that you selected.
External Key
Optionally, specify a unique ID. If your company uses the Expense Management Import tool to populate the Expense Management database, external keys are imported into the database automatically. See the Infor Expense Management System Administration Tool User Guide.