Duplicate Invoice Check template

Use this template to create a business rule that checks if two invoices are duplicates.

A duplicate occurs when a combination of fields from one invoice matches the other invoice. The fields are configurable in the rule. For example, the combination of vendor and invoice number can be a unique key for an invoice to search the duplicate invoices. The duplicate invoices can be searched based on the configurable criteria.


The rule's parameters consist of a single field where the administrator can specify a comma-separated list of the Bob elements to be used as the unique key. The invoices whose data matches with the unique key are considered as duplicates. The default key is the vendor, invoiceNumber.

Note:  The unique key value must be modified by the ICS or the support team.
These parameters are replaced with data in the duplicate invoice.
Parameter Description
%%20000:dupInvoiceReport%% The tracking number of the duplicate invoice.
%%20000:dupInvoiceVendorName%% The vendor name of the duplicate invoice.
%%20000:dupInvoiceAmount%% The total invoice amount of the duplicate invoice.
Note:  If multiple duplicate invoices are found, then data from the first duplicate invoice isxample used in the interactive and report message.