Document Purpose Field Required template

Use this template to create a business rule that requires that the Document Purpose field is completed.

There are no parameters available for use with this business rule.


Document purpose field required fields

This example shows the possible values for this business rule.

This table shows the values for fields:

Field Value
Name Check for Past and Future Date Fields
Severity Invalid
Notification Both
Fire on Itemization Left blank
Fire Scope Left blank
Offline and Online Firing Options Fire Offline and Online
Status Active
Fire On ER Expense Type Changed, Update ER Line Item

Document purpose field required strings

This table shows the values for strings:

Strings Value
Description Document Purpose Field Required.
Interactive Message Document purpose field needs to be entered before an expense type is chosen.
Policy Document Purpose Field Required.
Policy Based Routing Not Selected
Report Message Document Purpose Field Required.

Document purpose field required applications

This table shows the values for applications:

Name Organization/Group
Default Company Organization