Adding a business rule

You can add a business rule based on any of the existing templates.

If you do not want to continue adding a business rule, click the Cancel button. Update the fields on the Edit Business Rules screen. Click the OK button.

To add a business rule:

  1. Select Manage > Business Rules > Business Rule.
  2. Click Find.
  3. Specify this information:
    Specify a name for the business rule.
    Select a template for the business rule. The template determines the parameters that trigger application of the business rule. See Working with suite business rules overview, Working with expense reports business rules, Working with payment requests business rules, Working with timesheets business rules, and Working with travel plan business rules.
  4. Click Find.
  5. Select the business rule. The Edit Business Rules page is displayed. See Editing a business rule.
  6. Complete the appropriate fields.
  7. To save your changes, click OK.