Broadcast Message template

Use this template to create custom messages that fire based on the Post Login Hook. The messages are displayed on the Application home page.

These parameters are displayed on the Parameters tab of the Edit Business Rules screen.

Broadcast Message Title
Specify the title that is displayed in broadcast message.
Broadcast Message Text
Specify the text that displays in the body of the message. You can include HTML code in the text message to emphasize particular words or phrases. For example:
<html>The server will be shutdown in <  font color="red">10 minutes</font>.
Save or submit your unsaved documents before <  font color="red">2:00

You must have the beginning and ending <html> tags for the content to be emphasized.

Note: The broadcast message can now be displayed in multiple languages.
Buttons on the Message Box
Specify what buttons display on the message box. Valid values:
  • OK Only: Displays an OK button on the message box.
  • OK and Cancel: Displays both an OK and a Cancel button on the message box.
Broadcast Message Expiry Date
Specify the date up to which the message must be displayed.