Escalated Routing template

Use this business rule template to create business rules that route expense reports to an alternate reviewer when the amount exceeds the signing authority for the default reviewer.

For example, if a document containing expenses valued at $1,500 is usually routed to a manager who has signing authority up to only $1,000, a business rule based on this template would route the document to a manager who has authority to approve the $,1500 amount.

Note that business rules based on this template do not handle currency conversion.

These parameters are displayed on the Parameters tab of the Edit Business Rules screen.

Single Step Escalated Review
Select this check this box to send the document straight to the final approver. If this check box is cleared, then documents exceeding the signing authority of the default approver are sent to every reviewer in the creator's approver hierarchy with sufficient signing authority.
To Activity
Select the activity where the document is to be routed if the rule executes successfully. This list is completed based on the exit fire on selected.
Exception Activity
Select the activity where the document will be routed if the rule generates an exception.
Final Approver
Select the final approver for the document.
For these rules to work this information must be configured with the User Information screen:
  • A manager's user profile must include the dollar amount for which the manager may approve documents. To set a dollar amount, you specify an amount in the Authorized Amount or the PR Authorized Amount fields on the Extensions tab of the Users screen. See the Infor Expense Management System Administration Tool User Guide.
  • The hierarchy of manager approval must be established. The last manager in the hierarchy is considered the alternate approver. The persons in the hierarchy cannot loop to anyone else in the hierarchy.
  • The Electronic Signature business rule is used to track which managers have signed a document, and it must be turned on.
External Key
Optionally, specify a unique ID. If your company uses the Expense Management Import tool to populate the Expense Management database, external keys are imported into the database automatically. See the Infor Expense Management System Administration Tool User Guide.