Delete Signatures template

Use this template to delete electronic signatures of the reviewers in case one reviewer rejects the document. This forces the document to go through the review process from the very beginning. Generally this is used in tandem with Charge Code Review routing or Escalated Review Routing.

Based on the configuration, users and managers need to add their username/password as a signature when they submit or approve a document. If a document is rejected, the document reverts back to the Create status where user must resubmit the document. When a document returns to the Create status, the application must ensure that signatures added as part of the initial submittal or approval process, for example entries in the alco_signatures table, are removed. This is achieved by running this business rule as part of the Reject action.There are no parameters available for use with this business rule.

External Key
Optionally, specify a unique ID. If your company uses the Expense Management Import tool to populate the Expense Management database, external keys are imported into the database automatically. See the Infor Expense Management System Administration Tool User Guide.