Unattached Credit Card Transactions template

Use this template to create a business rule that checks if a user has any unattached transactions based on the business rule parameters set.

These parameters are displayed on the Parameters tab of the Edit Business Rules screen.

Check Transactions for Credit Cards Whose Processor Type is
Specify how to check for unattached transactions, whose credit card's processor type matches a specific type.
Which Expense Reports Need To Be Checked
Specify whether to check for all expense report documents. If all expense reports does not need to be checked, then you can configure this business rule to check for certain documents based only on the document level purpose. Alternatively, you can check the Exclude Purpose checkbox and select an expense report purpose type to search for all but that purpose type selected.
Check or Ignore Expense Reports Whose Document Level Purpose is
Specify the purpose to be used for check criteria. Even if you want all documents to be checked then also you may need to specify a document purpose. That means specifying this parameter is mandatory. Use a dummy purpose, which does not have any membership for those situations.
Attaching at least one CC Transaction is sufficient
Even though there are many unattached credit card transactions, attaching at least one credit card transaction is sufficient or not. Specify whether a user must attach at least one transaction that belongs to that card type. By attaching at least one transaction, you ensure that the user is knows there are unattached credit card transactions, as the user visited the Import CC Transactions screen and picked only one of the available transactions.
Date Check Type
Specify whether to consider all unattached credit card transactions or only those transactions whose transaction date falls between the ER start and end date range, or before current date, or all dates.
External Key
Optionally, specify a unique ID. If your company uses the Expense Management Import tool to populate the Expense Management database, external keys are imported into the database automatically. See the Infor Expense Management System Administration Tool User Guide.