Credit Card Reconcile

Use this template to create a business rule that prompts to provide for an explanation when an OCR receipt amount varies from the reconciled CC transaction amount.


This example lists the possible values for this Business Rule (BR).

BR Fields

This table lists the field values of the BR:

Field Value
Name Credit Card Reconcile
Severity Explanation
Notification Interactive and Report
Fire on Itemization Left blank
Fire Scope Every time
Status Active
Fire On
  • Save and Close ER
  • Save ER and Continue
  • Submit ER
  • Update ER Itemization (Auditor)
  • Update ER Itemization Item (Create and Review)
  • Update ER Itemization
  • Update ER Line Item (Create)
  • Update ER Line Item (Review)

The violation generated by this business rule can be viewed by the creator of the business rule, the charge code reviewer,the manager, and the auditor.