Per Diem Variance Policy template

Use this template to create a business rule that allows a traveler to claim actuals over the per diem variance. For example, the U.S. Government reimburses for expenses between 100% and 300% over per diem if the traveler has receipts, but not for expenses 300% over per diem regardless of whether the traveler has receipts.


This template has these parameters:

Overage Group
Select the overage group.
Max. Percentage
Specify the maximum percentage, for example, 300.0.
Check for Receipt
Select this check this box if you have receipts.


This example shows the possible values for this business rule.

Per diem variance policy fields

This table shows the values for fields:

Field Value
Name PD - Per Diem Variance - 300% Rule
Severity Invalid
Notification Both
Fire on Itemization Left blank
Fire Scope Every time
Offline and Online Firing Options Fire Offline and Online
Status Active
Fire On
  • Submit ER
  • Update ER Itemization Item (Create and Review)
  • Update ER Line Item (Create)
  • Update ER Itemization (Auditor)

Per diem variance policy strings

This table shows the values for strings:

Strings Value
Description Ensure specified expense types amounts are not over 300% of the per diem rate.
Interactive Message The sum of your actual expenses in a given day should not exceed 300% of the per diem rate. <List of expense types exceeding percentage.>
Policy The sum of given actual expense types may not be more than 300% of the per diem rate. For example, actual Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner can not be more than 3 times the Per Diem rate.
Report Message The actuals exceeded 300% of the per diem allowance Rate.

Per diem variance policy parameter

This table shows the values for parameters:

Parameter Value
Overage Group US Govt Lodging
Max. Percentage 300.0
Check for Receipt Left blank

Per diem variance policy applications

This table shows the values for applications:

Name Organization/Group
Corp: US Govt Group