Days Old Check template

Use this template to create a business rule that checks if the line item expense is older than the given number of days.

This business rule fires when an expense report line item is updated.


The template has these parameters:

Max Number of Days
Specify the maximum number of days. The business rule ensures that the Expense Report creation date does not exceed the maximum number of days specified.
Excluded Expense Types
Specify the expense types that must be exempted by the business rule.
Note: This field is optional. The business rule considers all the expenses if expense types are not specified in this field.
Calculates days from the latest expense line item
Select this check box to trigger the business rule based on the maximum number of days specified in this rule template when creating line items for an expense report. If the number of days exceed the specified value, the application displays a warning message.

This table lists the values for the fields:

Fields Value
Name Days Old Check
Severity Explanation
Notification Interactive and Report
Fire On Itemization NA
Fire Scope Every time
Status Active
Policy Based Routing NA