Non Default Cost Center template

Use this template to create a business rule that notifies users that they are not charging an expense report or purchase requisition line items to their default cost center.
class_name =

There are no parameters for this template.


This example shows a business rule that automatically populates amount fields when a user selects a per diem expense type in Infor ER.

Non default cost center fields

This table shows the values for fields:

Field Value
Name Non Default Cost Center
Severity Warning
Notification Both
Fire on Itemization Left blank
Fire Scope Left blank
Offline and Online Firing Options Fire Offline and Online
Status Active
Fire On
  • Submit ER
  • Submit PR
  • Submit TP
  • Submit TS
  • Update ER Itemization (Auditor)
  • Update ER Itemization Item (Create and Review)
  • Update ER Itemizations
  • Update PR Line Item (Create)
  • Update TS Line Item (Create)
  • Update TS Project Line Item (Create)

Non default cost center strings

This table shows the values for strings:

Strings Value
Description It is not the User's default Cost Center.
Interactive Message Using Non Default Cost Center.
Policy Using Non Default Cost Center.
Report Message A non default cost center is used.

Non default cost center applications

This table shows the values for applications:

Name Organization/Group
International Motors Company Organization