Loss carry forward application parameters

This table shows the loss carry forward application parameters that can be configured and implemented using Infor SAT.

Parameter Name Description
LCFOption (parm_id = 78210) This parameter activates the switch that determines if the Loss Carry Forward feature is enabled or disabled. If enabled, the outstanding balance due to the company is deducted from reimbursements due to the traveler in future expense reports. Valid values are:
  • true: Enable Loss Carry Forward.
  • false: Disable Loss Carry Forward (default).

The other LCF application parameters are dependent on this parameter.

Is Not Customer Editable

lcf.postErSubmitMessageClass (parm_id = 3047155) This parameter specifies the java class that creates a dialogue message after an ER has been successfully submitted. Set to largesoft.er.PostErSubmitMessage to display the LCF calculation results.

Is dependent on the LCF Option application parameter.

Is Not Customer Editable