Reporting database migration

The reporting database data can be migrated separately for both SaaS and on-premise customers.

  • For SaaS customers, this is automatically executed from the backend. The database information is retrieved from the central database.
  • For on-premise customers, this is enabled by executing the shell script run_dbMigration.bat/.sh, when the reporting database information is retrieved from the ETL properties file.
Note: db-to-file is only available for the on-premise customers in release 10.2 version.

The main components for migration are the raw migration scripts, they are:

  • mssql_db_migration_sql
  • oracle_db_migration_sql
  • SaaS_mssql_db_migration_sql

The options defined in the raw migration scripts:

  • Create statement: A new table is created.
  • Alter statement: Existing tables can be modified by adding, removing or changing the existing column.
  • Insert statement: New rows can be inserted for the data change.
  • Update statement: Updates the values in the new or existing columns.