DB2 driver problem

This error is displayed when using an invalid DB2 JDBC driver. The DB2 JDBC must match the version of the DB2 database to which the DB2 JDBC driver is connected. The driver is located at the ETL_Tool\lib directory. The driver problem can occur when the driver is confused between the two versions of ETL 5.6 and ETL 6.0, which support different versions of DB2 database.

Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0xfe57ffc4
Function name=JVM_Close

Current Java thread:
Segmentation Fault

Ensure that the correct version of the ETL tool is used and that the driver is not copied from a different version of the tool. The version of the ETL tool can be identified from one of the conversion mapping script files (for example, oracle_conversionMaps.xml) in the release attribute. Copy the db2 driver (db2driver.zip) from the installation CD, if the wrong version is used.