Transaction Isolation Level

Specify if the Transaction Isolation Level must be set to TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED.

By setting this parameter to 'ON', the isolation level allows:

  • Dirty Reads - This happens when a transaction reads data that is being modified by another transaction that is not yet committed.
  • Non-Repeatable Reads - This happens when a query returns data that can be different if the query is repeated in the same transaction. Non-repeatable reads occur when other transactions modify data that another transaction is reading.
  • Phantom Reads - Records that are displayed in a set are read by another transaction. Phantom reads can occur when a transaction inserts rows that satisfy the WHERE clause of another transaction's statement.

This indicates that the tables in the transactional database are not locked during an ETL run and cannot block the Expense Management application from accessing the same table concurrently.

These are the possible values:

  • ON: Set isolation level to TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED
  • OFF(default): No isolation level is set by ETL