Command line parameters

From the /ETL_Tool/bin directory, you can run -help in the command prompt to display the available parameters, their explanations, and syntax.

ETL User Commands:

etl -startDate date -endDate date -mapping_classes
		  {conversion list} -deploy_tables Y|N -deploy_specified_tables {table list} -conf_dir dirPath] [-to_file fullPathFileName -to_file_output_dir toFileOutputDir -to_file_db_type mssql|oracle|db2 -to_file_commit_cmd toFileCommitCmd -sql_end_delimeter endDelimeter -locale localeValue -etl_sqlTrace true -tenant tenantId -manual_lock_rdb Y|N 

All command arguments that are optional are passed as -name value pairs.

Note: Commands are case sensitive. For Windows, use the hexadecimal representation of characters, that are DOS delimiters. For example, use %20 in place of space. Specify begin%20transaction to specify the begin transaction argument value.