Determine the document data type to be transformed

Specify the document data types that must be transformed.

Note: These values must not be modified from one incremental run to another. The value must be set once (in the initial deployment) and not modified during the incremental runs. Remove or add another document type only when you remove or add another Infor Expense Management product to the system. For example, if you only have the Payment Request application installed, you can only specify PR. However, if the Timesheet application is installed, you can add the TS value.

The possible values are:

  • ER - Expense Report
  • PR - Payment Request
  • TP - Travel Plan
  • TS - Timesheet
  • VAT - Value Added Tax
  • PERM - Permission
  • NOTE - Note Entry

VAT, PERM, and NOTE are not application types but are additional data types that you can transform. By default, NOTE is commented.

Permission (PERM) is available from the version 6.0 release and must be commented out for previous releases.

Note Entry (NOTE) is available from the version 10.0 release. By default, this is commented out. To transform note entries to reporting database, you must uncomment NOTE document data type. Default length of note entry is 500 characters. To change the size, you can change this to any positive value (maximum: 4000):<TEXT_LENGTH_LIMIT>500</TEXT_LENGTH_LIMIT>

<doc_type>PERM</doc_type> <!-- permission -->
<!-- <doc_type>VAT</doc_type> -- >
<!-- <doc_type>NOTE</doc_type> -- >

Use this script to transform documents that are NOT included in these activities:

<!-- <activity_number>10</activity_number> --> <!-- create -->
<!-- <activity_number>20</activity_number> --> <!-- Manager Review -->
<!-- <activity_number>25</activity_number> --> <!-- Executive Review -->
<!-- <activity_number>30</activity_number> --> <!-- Accounting Review -->
<!-- <activity_number>35</activity_number> --> <!-- CC Mgr Review -->
<!-- <activity_number>40</activity_number> --> <!-- Payroll -->
<!-- <activity_number>50</activity_number> --> <!-- Archive -->
<!-- <activity_number>60</activity_number> --> <!-- Destroy -->