Failed to lock reporting database error

This error can occur when running an incremental update.

The error is: Error!! Destination database is already locked. This may be due to the following reasons: Another instance of the ETL tool maybe running or The ETL tool was manually terminated (e.g. through Ctrl-C) while it was running.

If the error is because of the manual termination of ETL, use this command parameter to reset the lock flag in the reporting database and re-run the ETL tool: -manual_lock_rdb N

The problem is generally caused by a previous manual termination of the ETL process (for example, executing a ctrl-c while the tool is running) or if another ETL tool is running. When this message is displayed, run the manual_lock_rdb command to unlock the reporting database. For example, specify this information at the command prompt: -manual_lock_rdb N.

Note: Use this command only if no other ETL process is currently updating the reporting database and if the error is because of a manual shutdown of the ETL tool when the tool is running, as explained in the error message above. The purpose of the updating flag is to prevent multiple ETL processes from updating the reporting database at the same time. The updating flag is maintained automatically if the ETL tool is allowed to run successfully.