Using ETL

You must configure the ETL.xml file located at the XM_INSTALL_DIR/apache-tomcat9.0.x/tools/etl/conf directory before running the ETL tool.

See Configuring the ETL.xml file section.

This file allows you to specify the information required to successfully run a transformation. This includes the database connection information and other general parameters, both required and optional, used by the ETL tool.

See Configuring the ETL.xml file section.

After editing the ETL.xml file, run the run_etl.bat (or script to start the tool. The tool also accepts optional command arguments that are passed in as -name value pairs. Type etl.bat -help in the command prompt from the /ETL_Tool/bin directory to display brief command explanations and syntax.

See Command Line Parameters.

Note: You must run the ETL tool with the " -deploy_tables Y" parameter for the first transformation to create all the necessary tables in the reporting database. This command drops all the tables in the reporting database and redeploys the tables.

The -mapping_classes USER_HIERARCHY name value pair command line parameter must be used in the initial transformation and to populate the user hierarchy table.