Defining the ETL process

This chapter provides a brief explanation about the processes related to ETL configuration.
  1. Edit the ETL.xml configuration file.

    The reporting database must be created before configuring the ETL tool. Create a user with dbo privileges to access this database. This information is required for the connection information in the ETL.xml file.

  2. Edit the conversion script.

    This is an optional step and is only required when the ADC data, used to populate the reporting database, exists. Execute the process described in Adding/Editing ADC Conversions in the Using ETL section.

  3. Run the ETL tool.
    • Run the run_etl.bat or directly under the XM_INSTALL_DIR/apache-tomcat-9.0.x/bin directory.
    • Use a scheduler (for example, Cron-It) that invokes the ETL tool from a different directory.

    Specify or run_etl.bat and the optional parameters described in the Using ETL section, to run the ETL tool directly from the bin directory. Execute the process described in Running ETL outside of the ETL_Tool/bin directory in the Using ETL section to run ETL outside of the ETL directory.