Infor TS export to staging tables

The TSStagingExportBkg is the background process that implements the formatting of Infor TS documents for export to the export tables. This background process reads in the Infor TS documents and formats their contents into the export tables.

The alts_line_item attendance columns is added to alts_export_line so the data is available for export, and TSStagingExportBkg is updated accordingly. After a timesheet’s line items are exported to an external human resources system, they cannot be edited. However, depending on the documentExport.TSExportLevel application parameter, the document is either exported as a whole or its line items are exported individually, in which case the exported line items cannot be modified but new line items can still be added. To keep the code simple HTML assumes

documentExport.TSExportLevel = 0 (EXPORT_DOCUMENT_LEVEL), so if the user tries to open a document in create containing exported line items, a fatal error alerts the customer to update their procedures.