You can send receipt images to Infor XM by using e-mail. Infor XM Receipts uses the e-mail subject line to identify the Infor ER document ID such as ER0000001 to which to attach the receipt image. The ReceiptsAttachmentBkg background process instance reads the incoming e-mails. You should configure the background process to a port such as 7013. An authorization check is completed when the receipts are imported that ensures this information:

  • The e-mail address of the sender matches a user in the Infor XM application.
  • The user is the owner or creator of the specified document.
  • An authorization checks that the document is in an activity, such as create, receipts hold, or anything prior to archive, that allows for an upload before the receipts can be added either through e-mail or the desktop.

An e-mail reply is sent to the sender under any of these conditions:

  • The sender is not authorized to upload the receipts.
  • ID specified in the subject line does not exist.
  • Receipts image is too large
Note: This background process is inactive by default. To activate the process, you must configure the background process and specify the active status value as 1.