This background process runs periodically to pre-populate future period entries to the alts_delinquent_report for each timesheet user. The background process wait interval is set to the shortest number of days of reporting period in Infor XM. For example, if weekly is the shortest reporting period, 7 days is set as the wait interval.

If alts_delinquent_report has never been populated, the InitDlnqntSubmitReport background process needs to be run and completed before starting DlnqntSubmitReportBkg

Bkg Proc Name Parameters Value Description
DlnqntsubmitReportBkg ts.DelinquentReportTimeStamp 2010.10.23 This timestamp is created by the InitDlnqntSubmitReport background process and is updated by DlnqntSubmitReportBkg background process based on the timestamp entry to avoid adding duplicate entries to the alts_delinquent_report table. Do not manually update the value.