External system update tables must be populated to send feedback to the Infor Expense Management application.

Term Definition
Activity A workflow activity. Associated with the activity is a queue of documents and a process to handle the documents.
Background process An Infor XM server process that can be scheduled to run at given time intervals and may access documents in an activity queue.
Document export The Infor XM process that takes a document in its Infor XM format and reformats it into the export tables (staging tables) where the document is available for extraction to an external system.
Document verification The Infor XM process that receives status and additional data from an external system regarding an exported document. The verification process updates the export status and data in the Infor XM document.
Export exception This term refers to an error condition reported by the external receiving system for an exported document. The export exception indicates that the document, or line item, has been rejected by the external system. The exception is reported with an error code and an optional description of the error.
Exported document The document that has been formatted and stored in the standard export staging tables. Its general structure consists of header data and line item data.
Export document tables

A set of tables in the Infor XM database that contain the document data for an exported document. External processes extract data from these tables to input to their external financial systems. These tables are referred to as staging tables.

The tables in the Export application can be categorized as:

  • Header tables, which contain data relevant to the document as a whole. This table contains a row for every exported document.
  • Line Item tables, which contain data relevant to the line items in the document. This table contains a row for every line item/allocation combination in the exported document.
  • Complementary tables, which support the data in the above two tables, including ADC tables, additional user export, item other export, and VAT data.
  • External system update tables which need to be populated to send feedback to Infor XM.
Infor XM database This is the repository of Infor XM document data and their related work items. The documents in the document export queue have gone through the create, review, and approval processes and are now waiting to be exported.
Work item The workflow record that represents an Infor XM document for workflow routing purposes. This is the unit of work that the Document Export application processes. It is always assigned to an activity queue.