Background processes log file messages

The log file is an ASCII text file with lines composed of a time stamp and a message. The log file contains start and stop messages, as well as other information and error messages issued by the background process.

New information is appended to the file until it reaches the specified size limit. Then the log file is renamed to the same name with a time stamp appended to it, and a new log file is created to continue the logging activity. The size limit is specified in the alco_background_process table.

There are three types of lines in the log file:

Line Type Description
E Error messages provide information on processing errors or fatal conditions that terminate the processing of a document or of the entire run. You should investigate and resolve error conditions.
W Warning messages provide information on unusual conditions that might affect the processing of one document. For example, a warning message occurs when the work item for a document cannot be checked out. Processing continues, but you should investigate the warning because one or more of the documents might not have processed completely.
I Information messages log status information about the process. These messages are not the result of processing errors. For example, an information message is generated when the background process starts or stops.