Server side background processes

The server side background processes include these components:

Component Description
Background process service The background process service is a Java class that runs under the application server. It provides the facilities to create, start, stop, and monitor the background processes that run in the application server. When the application server starts, it starts the background process service. When the background process service receives a start command, it creates and starts a separate thread for the background process named in the start command. When the background process handler receives a stop command, it ends the background process thread named in the stop command.
Background processes

Implements batch processing functions.

Background processes provide specific process functions, and are customized to a specific installation. They are run under the application server and are set up to run without intervention or client login.

Background processes may be defined as users in Infor XM. Because they may be defined as users, background processes can be associated with more than one workflow activity queues.

Log files Records information when a background process runs.