Sorting expense items

You can sort the list of items by columns and also choose to keep the associated itemizations. To view itemizations together with their associated expense item, you must first select the check box Keep Itemizations Together and then specify the column to sort the expense items or click the Items tab to refresh the items list. If you do not select the check box Keep Itemizations Together, the itemizations are displayed based on the sorted column. Your sorting preferences are saved for future sessions.

  1. From the Inbox, click the Documents for Review tab.
  2. Click the expense item or option.
  3. Click an expense type. The expense items are displayed.
    Option Description
    Keep Itemizations Together To review the itemizations together with the associated expense item
    Keep Itemizations Together To sort the itemizations based on the sorted column
    To sort the items by a particular column, click the associated column heading.