Reviewing, approving, or rejecting expense exceptions

Use this tab to view, accept, or reject each exception in the expense report. You can also view the associated item details for each exception. If you reject an exception, the approved amount is set to zero after you save your modifications. If you reject an exception in which the approved amount has already been confirmed, a warning message is displayed. You can either return to the Exceptions tab or set the approved amount to zero. If you reject an exception on an itemized item, the approved amount on all of its associated itemizations, except for personal expenses, are set to zero.

  1. Click the Inbox tab.
  2. Click the Documents for Review tab.
  3. Click the expense item or the option.
  4. Click the Exceptions tab. The exceptions list is displayed.
    Option Description
    Column heading To sort the list by a column.
    Expense type link To review the item details for an exception. If you modify information on the item details pane, save your modifications.
    View Exception Policy To review the rule's policy of the exception.
  5. Specify Approve, Reject, or Undecided for each exception.
  6. Click Save.