You can perform audit tasks in the Expense Management application using a browser. You can review and audit the document reports before and after the reports are approved.

See Auditing an expense report, Auditing payment requests, Auditing a timesheet

Before you can audit XM documents, your system administrator must complete these tasks in the Infor SAT application:

  • Set the application parameter portal.htmlaudit.enabled to True
  • Add the auditors to the HTML Audit Users and Portal: HTML Auditor Role groups
  • Add the expense report auditors to ER: Auditors group
  • Add the payment requests auditors to PR: Auditors group
  • Add the timesheet auditors to the TS: Auditors group
  • Configure work flows to automatically send documents to the audit processes

See the Infor Expense Management System Administration Tool User Guide for information on setting up the application parameters, groups, and work flows.