Entity Type Independent
Definition This table identifies the organizational hierarchy in terms of company to division, division to department, and department to cost center.


Attribute Datatype Width Definition
ALTERNATE_REVIEWER_ID Integer 1 A foreign key for the ext_user table identifying an alternate reviewer. For example, alternate_reviewer_id INTEGER Y for a cost center review activity. The alternate reviewer is used when the owner of an expense report is also the default reviewer.
COMPANY_CODE Integer 10 The parent corporation's code for the company.
COMPANY_ID Integer 5 A unique ID identifying the company.
COMPANY_NAME Varchar 15 The name of a company.
COST_CENTER_ACTIVE_STATUS Integer 1 Active status of the cost center.
COST_CENTER_CODE Varchar 25 The cost center code value.
COST_CENTER_DESCRIPTION Varchar 35 A description of the cost center.
COST_CENTER_ID Integer 11 The primary key for this table, identifying a unique cost center, a decost_center_id INTEGER N department, a division, or a company combination.
COST_CENTER_NAME Varchar 35 The name of a cost center.
DEFAULT_REVIEWER_ID Integer 5 A foreign key for the ext_user table identifying the default reviewer. For example, the default_reviewer_id INTEGER Y for the cost center review.
DEPARTMENT_CODE Integer 10 The company's department.
DEPARTMENT_ID Integer 7 The department ID.
DEPARTMENT_NAME Varchar 20 The name of the department.
DIVISION_CODE Integer 10 The division code.
DIVISION_ID Integer 7 The division ID.
DIVISION_NAME Varchar 21 The division name.
USER_ID Integer 1 A foreign key for the ext_user table identifying the user who created the cost center entry.
lastModified DateTime 24
VariationID Integer 13