Creating timesheet

Timesheets can be created from a mobile device and submitted for approval. After you submit a timesheet, you cannot delete or modify the data.

To create a timesheet:

  1. Click on the Timesheets menu.
  2. Select a date on the Document Header page.
  3. Optionally, you can select a previous timesheet and select the Import Hours check box to import charge codes and hours from another timesheet. The charge codes and hours from the selected time are copied to the current reporting period.
  4. Click Save. A tabular view of the calendar for a specific period is displayed.
  5. Click a date. The week days for the specific date are displayed.
  6. Click Add Entry.
  7. Specify a charge code.
  8. Specify additional information such as Role and Cost Center.
  9. Click Save. The selected project is added to each day of the selected week. Click the Add Entry option to add more projects.
  10. Specify the time utilized using the and options. The total number of hours specified for the week are displayed on top of the page.
    • You can click the Hours and Minutes fields to specify the time directly.
    • To specify hours based on a project, click the project link.
  11. Click Save. The information is saved to the server.
  12. Resolve any reported exceptions.
  13. Click Submit to send the timesheet for approval. The timesheet is submitted to the approver.
    Note: If an electronic signature is required, specify your User ID and Password.