Infor Expense overview

The Infor Expense application facilitates processing expense reports remotely. The application allows photo capture of receipts, expense creation, and report submission from a mobile device. Thereby, ensuring accuracy of the report with real-time validation. Infor Expense is designed to provide a superior user experience, increased efficiency, and auto-populating of data on the screens. This data is synchronized with Infor Expense Management (version 2022.01 and higher).

The Infor Expense application supports these functionality:

  • Capturing and saving photos using in-app camera or photo library, online or offline.
  • Initiating an expense creation.
  • Populating the data to complete the process quickly.
  • Managing corporate card and out-of-pocket expense line-items, online or offline
  • Transferring corporate card expenses to the application
  • Attaching saved receipts to expenses
  • Validating expense line items (online only)
  • Tracking Mileage expense type
  • Converting currency
  • Creating an expense report
  • Saving an expense report online
  • Editing an online expense report
  • Recalling a submitted expense report
  • Deleting an online expense report
  • Editing and resubmitting a rejected expense report
  • Responding to an expense report returned for more information
  • Reviewing a submitted expense report that cannot be modified
  • Sending an expense report to obtain approval
  • Approving or rejecting an expense report
  • Working online and offline
  • Itemizing hotel expense
  • Itemizing tax and tip on relevant expenses
  • Allocating expenses across multiple cost center codes
  • Per Diem expenses
  • Push notifications
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Mileage Routes
Note: You must upgrade the Infor Expense Management application to version 2022.01