Installing the Infor Expense Management application

This chapter provides the details of the available installers and the process to install Infor Expense Management 10.2.x. Infor Expense Management supports these two platforms:

  • Windows Tomcat installer
  • Linux Tomcat installer

Patch installation

You can use these files for the installation of Infor Expense Management 10.2.21 release:
  • Windows installer file name is xm-tomcat-windows-10.2.21_672.jar.
  • Linux installer file name is xm-tomcat-linux-10.2.21_672.tar.

Post patch installation

Complete the installation of the 10.2.21 patch. The existing on-premise customers must run the migration for the Transactional DB, Reporting DB, and Receipts DB. For details on migration scripts, see migration1010to10221_Readme.txt attached to KB 1550353.