Customer responsibilities

These items are the responsibility of the customer when implementing the Standard Import process. There may be additional responsibilities for the client.

Note: Each implementation may or may not require that customizations are performed by PSO or shared between the customer and PSO.
Customer responsibility Description
Data Mining The customer is responsible for locating the data sources that provide the data for the import process.
Data Preparation and Transformation The customer is responsible for providing access to the data. The customer is responsible for the correct insertion or update of data to the Infor Expense Management Standard Import tables (“alex” tables) for standard implementations.
Customizations to Standard Import Table If the customer changes/customizes any aspect of the Standard Import table, the customer is responsible for maintaining the customized tables.
Purging The customer is responsible for purging the Standard Import tables before or after the import process. This provides the customer an opportunity to analyze and fix data entries that may have been rejected by the Standard Import process. An automatic purging option, (appl_parameter HRBkgPurgeStagingTables), is available; only for the rows that are successfully imported.